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Filing Complaints With Mountaintop Electricians

Most of the time working with Mountaintop electricians is going to go well. You have an issue, the electricians address it, you pay them, and things go back to normal. Yet there are times when that isn't the road it all takes. You may feel you have no options left but to file a complaint about them. Don't be afraid to do so if you have not been able to resolve the issue.

Get it in Writing

Any time an Mountaintop electricians are going to do work for you, get it in writing. This should include information about the specific job, the timeframe for completing the work, the desired outcome, and the amount you will pay them for the work in Mountaintop. Don't leave out any details as they can become assumptions. In a court of law, you can only prove what has been put into the contract and both parties have signed.


Talk with the Mountaintop electricians so you can come up with a plan of action. Maybe you need something done and you just don't know the terms. You should be able to call them and they will help you. If you don't know what the problem is, they can identify it and then tell you what it will cost to get the work done. If a Mountaintop electricians offer a free estimate, you can decide if you would like to hire them as electricians.

If they are taking too long to complete the project, find out why. Hopefully, they are communicating with you. Perhaps they thought it would be a simple job but that wasn't the case. As they got involved in it, they discovered a deeper problem. Maybe they thought a fix would work but it didn't and now they have to troubleshoot more. There are times when this occurs as a natural part of such a career path so don't be too harsh on them.

Provide a Solution

If you aren't happy with something the Mountaintop electricians have done, provide a solution rather than just complaining. For example, you can offer a price you are willing to pay for the work that was done or for any extra work they feel now needs to be done. You can offer an extra week to get the work done. You can also decide you want to fire them and hire someone else for the job.

If they agree to the solution, let them move on to their next step and you do the same. If they aren't willing to do that you need to think about filing a complaint. Make sure the complaint is very detailed and you have an accurate timeline.

Licensing Issuer

Most states have requirements for licensing for Mountaintop electricians. Find out who that licensing provider is and what their procedure is for filing a complaint. They will investigate it and may have some questions for you. If they have their own business, consider filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

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